Sunday, January 16, 2011

Books I Read/Reading

1. The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Mohsin Hamid

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine week

7th rose day
8th propose day
9th chocolate day
10th teddy day
11th promise day
12th kiss day
13th hug day
14th valentine day

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Its a Heart Shaped World!!

“The train to Delhi has been delayed by ten minutes”, the monotonous, unintelligible voice boomed over the microphone. “Thank God”, I muttered under my breath, as I made my way through the bustling crowd at the Jaipur station. So many different faces, voices, odour, cramming the place with one sublime element-LIFE. “A ticket PLz”, “Picture bahut acchi thi na!!”, “Damn the railways”- bits and pieces of conversation fell in my ears, as I ran to make it to the platform, on time. “MADE IT!”. I stood there heaving for a while congratulating myself on the latest victory in the 200m Olympic race in which I had seemingly won!!! Suddenly I turned and what I saw, held my vision and initiated the all so familiar tingling of emotions…. She was wearing a pink salwar kameez, her hair flowing , and her beautiful dark eyes’ stationary on me!!!

As I had turned I had caught her staring at me. She turned as I held her gaze. She tried to ignore my presence, by consciously avoiding looking at me, but even then we exchanged a couple of glances in the next few minutes. It was very strange- considering the fact that I DID NOT EVEN KNOW HER, but it was an unknown tie that bound us. We got into the same compartment and with some Divine Intervention (“THANK YOU GOD!!!), we stood beside each other.

“SORRY”, her sweet voice rang out as her hand brushed mine.

“It’s all right “, I mumbled trying to convey a 1000 other messages in the parameter of those three words. “Can you do it once again”, I wanted to say, but the words just won’t come. Minutes passed by somewhat hurriedly as we stood still. I was soaked in anticipation. It was one of those feelings’ when you knew that the floodgates for something really big could open up if only the right words could be said.(“OPEN SESAME???) .

Each moment tantalizing - each look promising something more. “SAY SOMETHING”, my heart yelled at my brains. “SAY ANYTHING”, “Lovely weather”, “Have you seen Love Aaj Kal ?”- ANYTHING!! Just talk to her- I couldn’t. She got off at CP.

I cursed myself as I saw her lovely vision fade in the multitude. WHY COULDN’T I SAY ANYTHING? What had gone wrong? I was bound by mannerisms’, customs and etiquette which we follow. A CODE OF CONDUCT.

“ Do not talk to strangers”, my mum’s face loomed large infront of me. BUT WHY NOT? When we are all a part of a family that is bigger than any- we are all blessed with the same gift, that of LIFE. I am a human (“Man did we doubt it!!) , brimming with a raw urge to REACH OUT, to communicate. To fall in love,(No, not with the dame next door),but with anybody, with everybody.

It’s not pragmatic you would say, and I’ll agree. But what the heck I’ll be unconventional for a change and find out for my own self. It might not be the safest way, but it’s the only one for me. You’ll probably think I’m drunk. . Yes I am for I wish to drink life to the lees.

I want to live not survive. Break all the shackles and run free and wild, talk to people you want to, without bothering about what ten other people think. (Wow sounds like a line lifted straight from a bollywood masala product!!!).


free falling. But hey. Who goes there?? Isn’t it the same lovely lady I was talking about. It was nice talking to you folks, but I have got to go!!!! For this time I will let my heart rule and not the head.

And what are you staring at the screen for? Break out (And please look before you leap, lot’s of potholes on the streets, and one might swallow you up for lunch) and explore the world you live in (and not the Internet for a change) and notice the butterfly on your window, or the bird on the neighboring tree. Do the small little things you always wanted to, but never could. That’s what makes life beautiful.“ It’s a wonderful WORLD.